About us

15847_1211223893907_1872346_nHi everyone! We are Marcia and Gill, husband and wife who loves food and fashion. He is the chef and i am the “dreamer”, we are  the yin yang couple who love art, nature, culture, food, people, music and of course fashion. Food and Fashion to us is a great way to play with shapes and colors, flavor and senses in order to uncover our personal life style. We went through a lot in our lives, and trhough the food and fashion we found the great way of display to everyone what we love and why we love food and fashion. We always say “If you never taste you will never know if you gonna like it and if you never try on you you will never know how do you  look.”

We are forever thankful to all for the support and for join us on this cool journey. All the best!!! Thanks for reading. xoxo 

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